University of Zagreb / Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb is the oldest institution of higher education in Croatia combining instruction and research in the fields of architecture and urban design. It will celebrate 100 years of continuous architectural education in 2019. It has 4 departments and 18 sections. The Faculty offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study programs. It is also active in international exchange and student mobility, both through bilateral agreements and Erasmus. The undergraduate Bachelor level study program lasts for 6 semesters, the graduate level Master study program lasts for 4 semesters, and the doctoral study program lasts for 6 semesters, all in the field of architecture and urban planning. The programs are accredited and the master degree obtained provides a basis for joining the European architectural practice and applying for a professional license. The program is based on a balance of lectures and studios. The Faculty nourishes the scope and tradition of engineering knowledge and skills complemented by artistic principles and reflection as inherent features of the architectural design process. Students are directed towards a realistic, problem-solving approach but within a broader cultural and social framework. Students are offered a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed by numerous and varied disciplines and are permanently encouraged to develop their intellect and creativity. They are introduced to basic principles and methods of scientific research and stimulated to learn through their own creative efforts in architectural design and urban planning. Research is based on integral understanding of inventive and pragmatic demands which constitute architectural and urban planning issues. The approach to project development is based on comprehensive analyses of functional, technical, programmatic and contextual aspects of architectural typologies and different scales of urban planning in order to respond to society’s needs. Through its Department of Architectural Design, Department of Urban and Physical Planning, Department of Architectural Technology and Building Science and Department of History and Theory of Architecture, the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb has continuously lead and participated in research projects which were aimed at developing theoretical knowledge, socially relevant interdisciplinary topics, urban and architectural heritage and building technology.

At the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, the e-FIADE project is coordinated by Mia Roth-Čerina, PhD. She is an architect and assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Croatia. In her practice as well as scientific research she focuses predominantly on educational buildings and community spaces. She has led the Architecture and Children programme at the Croatian Chamber of Architects, also serving as delegate of the homonymous UIA Work Programme, since 2010. She is an active promoter of spatial culture development and built environment education, has led numerous student workshops, and currently serves as the vice-dean of international relations at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb.