Current Activities
 Completion of Interviews
FADs and Internships
Until December
-48 FADS and 22 Internship interviews from 22 different countries were completed, please click for the map.
Introduction of Alternative Paths for Final Architectural Design Studio & Internships
From September 2017 to February 2018-After the completion of interviews
-Activity 3a-Alternative paths for diploma studios will be introduced. The intention is to introduce ways of doings, ways of integrating people outside academia to this in-between studio. The paths will also seek local/regional/national peculiarities of fields of interaction; enhance multi-disciplinary/transversal skills of students; incorporate people outside academia.
-Activity 3b-Alternative paths for internships will be introduced. The intention is to introduce ways of doings, ways of new internship tracks that would suit to the ever-changing requirements of the professional field.
Upcoming Events
Transnational Meeting 3
The Netherlands
20-21 February 2018
-Discussion of the results of Final Architectural Design Studio and Internship Program Interviews.
-Planning of the IADS in İstanbul.
Intensive Architectural Design Studios (IADS)
 May 2018
-Intensive architectural design studios (IADS) for the alternative paths for Final Architectural Design Studios.
-The studio outcomes will be presented in a Mini Symposium, held at the end of IADS. A number of colleagues from the academic and professional practice and all stakeholders interested in project will be invited to assess and critique the work done.
Past Events
Presentation of the project
04 November 2017
-The project was presented on 04 November 2017 at MOBBİG-45 (Architectural Schools Department Chairs Communication Group) meeting which had the theme “Graduation Year”.
Project Meeting
30 August 2017
-The project meeting of e-FIADE was held on 30 August 2017 in Bordeaux, France. Please click for the meeting minutes.
-The partners and the coordinator of the project attended the EAAE annual conference in Bordeaux. The project was presented to the General Assembly in there.
Project Meeting
Transnational Meeting 2
02-03 May 2017
-The transnational meeting of e-FIADE was held on 02-03 May 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia.
Kick-off Meeting
Transnational Meeting 1
17-18 November 2016
-The kick-off meeting of e-FIADE was held on 17-18 November 2016 in Ankara, Turkey at TOBB University of Economics and Technology.
Please click for the meeting minutes.