European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE)

The European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 to advance the quality of architectural education. With over 120 current members, the Association holds a unique position in providing a forum for generating and exchanging information of aspects of architectural education and architectural research. The mission statement of the association is therefore: To improve the quality of architectural education in member schools by fostering the exchange of ideas and people within the field of education and research. The association is governed by the General Assembly, composed of all members, which is held annually, and managed by the EAAE Council including a President, Vice President and Treasurer. The EAAE has set up a secretariat at Hasselt University in Belgium.

The project directly correlates with the EAAE’s mission statement. Since its foundation EAAE has ambitions to play an important strategic role in fostering the interaction between education and profession. It is therefore important for the association to take with UIA in the same consortium. EAAE has had numerous initiatives, contributions in generating and elaborating proposals regarding strategies for the academic development of the European Higher Architectural Education area; has worked for the development of a vibrant, internationally recognized and well-funded research community by preparing charters. With this respect EAAE will act as the evaluator of all project activities owing its long lasting expertise in the field. With an already established network, known within sector throughout the continent, the EAAE will ensure wide dissemination of the project results. The EAAE council, consisting of distinguished academics representing leading schools of architecture across Europe, will take an active part in this project. Members of the Council will participate in the activities described, and the Council meeting will serve as arenas for quality assurance. For more information please see: